The Eternal Hometown of Japan, Tono in Iwate Prefecture Michi no Eki Tono Kaze no Oka

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Michi no Eki  Tono  Kaze no Oka

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Overview of the facilities Located alongside National Highway 283 with a large wind turbine as a landmark. Tono Kaze no Oka, the Eternal Hometown of Japan.

Guide to the facilities

Guide to the facilities

Business Hours

Open all year (including the New Year Holiday)

  1st Apr-15th Oct 16th Oct-31st Mar
Information Desk 8:00-17:00 8:30-17:30
Local Produce and Products Hall 8:00-19:00 8:30-17:30
Ryoshi Seafood Shop 10:00-18:00
Restaurant Kazaguruma
Last order is 15mins before the restaurant closes

Guide to the facilities

Parking Space for 161 small vehicles (cars), 14 large vehicles and 3 spaces for disabled persons
No. of Toilets Outside toilet (available for use 24 hours a day)
Male toilets 4 large (western style), 8 small and 1 disabled toilet
Female toilets 8 western style, 1 disabled toilet
Indoor toilet (only open during business hours)
Male toilets 2 large (1 Western style, 1 Japanese style), 5 small, 1 disabled toilet
Female toilets 3 Western style, 1 Japanese style, 1 disabled toilet

Guide to Places to Rest and Relax

Viewing Deck

The flow of the Sarugaishi River which reflects the changing scenes of the four seasons, Tono’s mountains that look over the river and the winds that envelope you give people a sense of the eternal tales of the area.

Free Rest Hall

In this rest hall connected to the viewing deck, there’s a smoking corner, a TV and a tatami area where you can stretch out and relax.

Restaurant Front Deck

There’s a deck in front of the family restaurant Kazaguruma.

Information Desk and the Samukaze Group

The staff here provide visitors with various sightseeing information along with road, event, green tourism and weather information. They also offer a ticket agency facility. The Samukaze Group create and provide tourist information and information about restaurants, cafés and bars in the area.

The Symbol of Kaze no Oka The Spiral Magnus Wind Turbine

This is a novel wind turbine where the blades are spinning cylinders with spiral fins. The Spiral Magnus Wind Turbine is a next-generation turbine for generating electrical power from the wind and is found in 3 places in Japan; Ogata in Akita Prefecture, in Aichi Prefecture and here.

The Tono Kaze no Oka area, known as Samukaze (cold wind), is a very windy place. These winds are used to power the facilities here including lighting, heating and air conditioning. The power generated here is 19kw (enough to power about 9 average homes). This wind turbine whose safety and efficiency was verified in a wind tunnel test by NASA is the symbol of Tono Kaze no Oka.


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