The Eternal Hometown of Japan, Tono in Iwate Prefecture Michi no Eki Tono Kaze no Oka

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Michi no Eki  Tono  Kaze no Oka

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Tono  Delicious Foods Here are some recommended products sold at Michi no Eki  Tono  Kaze no Oka!!

Shop Ichioshi

Akegarasu is the best-selling product of this shop. This confection has become a popular souvenir of a trip to Tono.

Shop information here

Recommended Local Produce
Seasonal Vegetables

You can enjoy shopping here with quality-assured, locally grown, fresh produce on display in all seasons.

Local produce information here

The restaurants are the most popular
Lots of great tasting foods

Take a break from driving and have some delicious food. There are lots of light meals and snacks on sale here as well as the restaurants with their great selection of dishes.*-*

Restaurant information here


SL Ginga Steam Train (C58239)

Runs from April to October

For detailed information on the train’s schedule, please check the JR East Japan website.

East Japan Railway Company Morioka Office


〒028-0531 8-2-1 Nissato, Ayaori, Tono, Iwate
Tel: 0198-62-0888 Fax: 0198-62-0205

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